Sunday, December 28, 2008

Worth Every Penny

When was the last time you ordered a ppv boxing match and said those words? That it was worth every penny? Well let me say that last night's UFC fight card was actually worth MORE than what they charged. It not only lived up to the hype but surpassed it. You have Quentin "Rampage" Jackson exorcising his demons and knocking Vanderlei Silva the fuck out. You have Frank Mir taking out the legend Antonio Noguiera with big left handed bombs over and over until the ref had to pull him off. And then in the Main Event you have "Sugar" Rashad Evans lowering the boom on Light Heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin and getting a TKO in the 3rd round after two exciting rounds of stand up action. Boxing cards just can't match up to that kind of level of talent throughout, as well as that level of action. Mind you I didn't even go into the undercard with guys like Cheick Kongo, another exciting heavyweight, who also had a TKO victory after he and his opponent traded groin shots. I am telling you right now that if you love boxing you need to give MMA a try. You can still watch the free stuff on HBO and Showtime as far as boxing goes while saving your pennies for the next big UFC ppv card. If you are going to spend your money to watch a sporting event you might as well hedge your bets that you will actually come away entertained. Thats my opinion anyway.

Check out the recap of the events from Yahoo Sports


  1. I'm a boxing fan, and I keep trying to get into UFC, but I have a knack for picking the dullest matches. Still haven't seen the one to make me a fan.

  2. There are tons and tons of videos of good MMA bouts on youtube but honestly if you can try to catch a couple of episodes of "The Ultimate Fighter". Its a reality show about wanna be UFC fighters and a lot of the time when they show the contestants away from the ring its really lame. But when they show them training at the gym and in their fights you get to learn a lot about technique and strategy involved in MMA. That helped me to really get interested in MMA because at first I just thought of it as street fighting. When you learn that most of these guys are former All American wrestlers and they have to learn several different martial arts disciplines to make it to the top levels I think you get a higher level of respect for what they do. I know I did.

    Thanks for stopping by ;)

  3. I remember watching Evans a while back and thinking that he was a talented wrestler. I used to worry about his ability to stand up and throw blows in a sport where you're one good punch away from losing a bout. I think Evans must have heard me, because he beat a guy I thought was a sure winner.


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