Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Grill

I have been kind of hot and cold on David Shuster of MSNBC. I thought he had some great moments during the Presidential Campaign but whenever he guest hosted for the prime time shows he seemed to want to morph into whichever host he was sitting in for. Now that he has taken over David Gregorys 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue I was hoping he would get back to doing his own thing and so far he has. He has introduced a new segment on the show called "The Grill" where he cross examines his guest about something they have recently said or done. Well last night he had on infamous climate change denier Senator James Inhofe and what ensued was definitely a grilling.

Great job Shuster! The chuckle in response was CLASSIC. If he keeps this up I am going to convert to officially being a fan.

(h/t thinkprogress)

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  1. Actually, it is feasible to propel spaceships by tossing nuclear bombs out the back. You just don't want to do that anywhere near the Earth, for obvious reasons.

    But yes, Inhofe is a deluded fool and he needs to wear the Scarlet "STFU" of Shame for the rest of his days.


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