Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Well That Will Help To Pay For Some Pampers.

Kinda makes the 150 grand that the RNC paid for Sarah Palin's wardrobe look like chump change doesn't it? Kinda funny that the other grandma is the reason that the price went up though.

From Huffington Post

MSNBC is reporting that the Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston may receive up to $300,000 for the first pictures of their son Tripp.

The price didn't soar immediately, according to the sources, because Sarah Palin stories just didn't sell all that well for the weeklies on newsstands.


The drug-related arrest of Johnston's mother, however, caused the price tag for the photos to go up.


  1. Well, thank God that the Palin/Johnston family has managed to keep themselves in the news. I think Bristol and family should thank Levi's mother for "taking one for the team" and keeping the media attention going. Imagine the pittance they would have received otherwise.

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  3. Wouldn't it be cool if Tripp's new parents decided to say no thanks to the money.

    Wouldn't it be prudent for them to say it is truly a private family matter and selling pictures of our little abstinence bundle of joy to the biggest magazine in the world would just make them look like hypocritical grifters?

    That's one of my many hopes for 2009.

  4. Levi is a high school drop out and Bristol is taking correspondence courses. HELL NAWL it wouldn't be prudent for them to turn down the money. We are in a recession, it would stupid for them to NOT take the money.

    If they both were high school graduates with decent jobs I might feel you on this, but they aren't and idealism doesn't pay the bills.

  5. I know those grifters ain't turning down a check. Their little mistake baby is going to be pimped until he can't be.


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