Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chuck Schumer Is Keeping Hope Alive

Senator Schumer went on The Rachel Maddow Show last night to push back on the idea that the public option is dead. He rightly points out that we actually picked up two votes on his amendment from Senators Nelson and Carper that no one thought we would get in committee. I am good with that and I am definitely still hopeful, but I am still pissed about asshole Senators Baucus, Conrad and Lincoln. Thankfully Rachel busted rhetorical caps in their asses prior to Schumer's appearance.

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  1. I will give Schumer points for this but I will also remember that his trustworthy quotient is nearly zero because he was the lead Democrat in getting Mukasey confirmed as the sucessor lackey AG to Gonzales during the Bush crime family reign.

    Unless and until the Democrats learn how to play hardball with the dicks that are the Republicans, a complete surrender from Schumer and other Democrats such as Obama on the Public Option is the more likely outcome.


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