Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You See He's A Racist Because He Calls Out Racism

In the wingnut bizarro world the ONLY racists in the country right now are all minorities. Oh they will concede that racism exists in theory, but bring up specific racists like say Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck and they will argue you down that they have "never heard them say anything racist". Hell even supposed centrist white people on the left will stick up for the Limbaughs of the world, probably because they spend part of their day listening to his invective as a guilty pleasure. But you let a strong person stand up and call out white racists and racism against our first black President and you just watch to see people step up to demean and bismirch them.

The culprit this time is former President Jimmy Carter.

Now if there was ever a white man qualifed to talk about racism its Jimmy Carter. I mean the guy was the governor of Georgia during the tail end of the Civil Rights era for goodness sake. And yet he has committed the crime of saying something so emmintently true and reasonable as to make other white folks uncomfortable. He had the temerity to say that a lot of the opposition and vitriol towards President Obama, including Joe Wilson's outburst, are rooted in racism. After we have seen pictures of the President photoshopped with a bone through his nose, emails circulated with all kind of racist invective like a watermelon patch outside of the WhiteHouse and the racist ignorance spewed about President Obama's daughters at freerepublic how can anyone possibly refute President Carter on this?

And yet they will. Oh mark my words they will. Hell Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on Morning Joe this morning pushed back hard on President Carter's words even though they work with an avowed racist, Pat Buchanan, several times a week. It is what it is.

So just know that President Carter is in for a rough couple of weeks. And when you boil it all down its all because he decided to tell the truth. Doing so is heresy now in this upside down culture of ours.

Here is a test you can give to anyone to determine if you can have an honest debate with them about racism. If they won't admit that Rush Limbaugh is a racist then you should probably just move alone. Seriously, just try it, it works every time.

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