Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Real Talk From Bill Maher

I don't agree with Bill Maher's anti religous views, but I couldn't have said what he says in this clip any better myself. President Obama and his White House needs to grow a pair. Just sayin.


  1. His criticism of the President has been pretty spot on. I hate to admit it, but Maher's right about a few things, especially the whole "stick up for the 70% of us who aren't crazy" thing.

  2. Yeah, the thing of it is I noticed that a lot of Obama supporters have become so pissed off about the wingnuts trying to bring Obama down that they aren't willing to listen to legitimate criticisms anymore. And honestly I have had to catch myself doing the same thing at times. But while I really admire the guy, the truth is he can make mistakes and has made mistakes and the last thing we need to do is pledge unflinching allegiance to him just like the Repubs did with Bush. Healthy criticism is good and our duty when you think about it, and right now we need a White House and a President who are more ballsy than they have shown of late.

  3. I know many disagree with what Bill Maher has to say on many issues including Religion and Politics, but I like that he is open with his opinions and not worried about how he will be viewed by the public. I wish more politicians concerned themselves with doing the right thing for their city, state, or country, and worried less about public opinion or some foolish power struggle.


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