Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Am Sure The Wingnuts Will Be All Over This Story

Since the wingnuts are now really concerned about racially motivated crimes I am sure they will be posting on this story all over the interwebs.

A man beat an Army reservist in front of a Morrow Cracker Barrel, yelling racial slurs at her as he kicked her in the head, Morrow police said. The assault happened in front of the woman’s 7-year old daughter, who stood there, crying, witnesses told police.

Morrow police arrested Troy Dale West of Poulan after reviewing a video surveillance tape and talking to customers. He was charged with battery, disorderly conduct and cruelty to children.

The woman and her daughter were leaving the South Lake Plaza Drive restaurant last Wednesday around 7:30 p.m. as West was heading inside, Capt. James Callaway of the Morrow Police Department said.

The restaurant doorway nearly struck the woman’s daughter, prompting her to tell West, “Sir, you almost hit my daughter with the door, could you please be careful,” Callaway said.

West responded, telling the woman that she needed to watch her daughter and then began yelling racial slurs at her and kicking and punching her in the head, Callaway said.

Witnesses told police the woman kept telling West that she was an Army officer.

“She kept saying, “Sir, I’m a United States solder, don’t do this,’” Callaway said.

Police interviewed customers and other witnesses and arrest West at the restaurant, Callaway said.

I can't wait to see Malkin's and Rush Limbaugh's take on this story which I am sure is forthcoming.

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