Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The VMAs Should Send Kanye A Thank You Letter

There are two reasons why the VMAs should be thankful for Kanye West's fuckery on Sunday night.

1. He has given the VMAs more press and more relevance than they deserve by a long shot and...

2. Had he not made an ass out of himself people would be asking how Beyonce could win video of the year but not best female video of the year.

In the end it just not enough to get me outraged. Kanye has been an asshole for a long time, there is no revelation there. I know people are breaking their arms patting themselves on the back for "calling him out" but again the reality is we have a real health care reform going on now that will tangibly effect a helluva lot more people than Kanye's outburst but those same folks jocking themselves probably didn't even watch President Obama's speech on the issue where Joe Wilson heckled him to even be outraged. Such is the nature and imbalance of our society. But I don't have to like or join in it.

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