Monday, September 21, 2009

See, Its Only Racism When The Black Guy Does It

Man Michael Steele is such a blithering buffoon that I was almost at the point of feeling pity for him because he is in so far over his head. But then this step n fetchit, coonin ass Uncle Tom goes on national television to defend the racist assholes who oppose President Obama and in the next breath has the unmitigated gall to cast racist aspersions on President Obama himself. This muthafucka is beyond useless at this point and I can't see how his Momma could even love him. I wonder how he will react when his own kids get to calling him a sellout when they get old enough to google him. Michael Steele carries water for white racists so much that gives house niggers a bad name. Seriously.


  1. I was going to argue that maybe you should calm down a bit until I saw the clip. Geez. On the bright side, I'm sure Shelby Steele is impressed.

  2. Aren't his kids bi-racial? Who's to say they were raised in such a way that they would be embarrassed by what he's doing?


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