Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eff Your Apology!

George Stephanopolous had the nerve to post this video (which I fully endorse) of Congressman Alan Grayson hitting the Republicans on the floor of the House over their lack of a real health care reform plan, and then asking if the GOP deserves an apology.

Mind you, I don't remember George asking Sarah Palin or Chuck Grassley for an apology when they pulled that death panel crap out of their ass. Nor Virginia Foxx or Michele Bachmann for the numerous baseless attacks they have launched from the floor of the House. But let me quote from the Republican Bible.

"Isn't he just expressing his right to free speech? Why is the GOP trying to muzzle him? Our founding fathers gave us the freedom to speak our mind and Congressman Grayson should be allowed to do so. Why it is unamerican to suggest otherwise and it is the GOP who should apologize for demanding an apology!!!"

See also, Joe Wilson.

Its stuff like this that shows why George Stephanopolous is a loser. Just a few weeks back he had all but overtaken Meet the Press in Tee Vee ratings. In response to this he books Michele Malkin, Liz Cheney, and John McCain in the weeks since. Needless to say David Gregory is no longer concerned. But hey George you just keep on try to play the role of "centrist" and keep on being 2nd place your whole life.

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