Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Charlie Crist Has Been Reading Too Much Orson Wells

Charlie Crist seems to think there really are memory holes that he can use to erase his record. Hasn't anybody ever told this guy about the intertubes?

Crist has a serious problem separating fantasy from reality.This goes beyond the typical political hyperbole to downright fraud. He had absolutely nothing to do with Florida’s gains in education. All this was a result of Jeb Bush’s accountability reforms.This would be like Gator backup QB John Brantley taking credit for the win over Kentucky.

When called on this, Crist started seriously backstroking, giving credit to Jeb but adding, "I was education commissioner when he was governor."
Unbelievable! Crist ran for education commissioner in 2000. This was two years after voters approved an amendment abolishing the post of elected commissioner. But the change didn't go into effect until the beginning of 2003, so Crist ran for a post nobody took seriously because it was nothing more than a 2-year caretaker position. It was classic Crist opportunism. Upon assuming office, he put 111 pictures of himself on the department’s web site (I counted them) and used it as a platform to run for Attorney General. He was non-existent in Jeb Bush’s education reforms. He was lampooned by Democrats for not even knowing the passing score on the FCAT.

Crist also made other ludicrous claims in Michigan, taking credit for cutting and balancing the budget, and cutting taxes. In fact, he had no choice but to cut the budget because it’s required by the state constitution. The cutting was a result of plunging revenues, not anything Crist did. Another gem was Crist claiming to be for lower taxes and less government. In fact, he glommed on to the federal stimulus to boost Florida to get him through the Senate campaign. As soon as he leaves office, the budget is going to explode. That's why he's leaving. He's getting out while the getting is good.

Watching Charlie on CNN push his Cover Florida health plan was hysterical. In two years, the program has signed up a grand total of 4,000 people. Like everything else, Charlie got it passed in the Legislature, grabbed some headlines, and abandoned it until dusting it off for a political campaign. If this is the answer to the nation's health care woes, it's time to bring on the death panels.

"Cover Florida is an oxymoran,'' says Beckey Cherney, president and CEO of the Central Florida Healthcare Coalition. "If you held it up as a national model, it would be what you would not do.

This is the same guy who said he prayed away any hurricanes the past two years by the way. We can't afford someone this blatantly dishonest and inept to represent the great state of Florida. We had just that kind of person in the Presidency the previous 8 years, does anyone want a repeat of that?

We must find a way to elect Kendrick Meek as the junior Senator fof the state of Florida.


  1. While Charlie Crist stings like a butterfly and floats like a middle aged guy who recently got married unless he is totally possessed and taken over by the wingnut zombies he would not be that much worse of a U.S. Senator than Bill Nelson although a tip of the hat to Bill for actually voting for Schumer's form of a public option while still letting big pharma continue to have its way with us.

  2. Who said Florida had gains in education? Jeb Bush? If Florida did have gains in education it would be despite Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist.

  3. I don't know if you haven't been paying attention but since Crist announced his Senate candidacy he has been a wingnut's wingnut. He has basically denounced himself for supporting the stimulus bill, suddenly become an evangelical praying away hurricanes, and opposing health care reform period. And it would only get worse if he ever steps a foot in the Senate. Hell he refused to select a qualified place holder for Martinez's seat and instead put his personal puppet in to keep it warm for him.

    What we need is a TRUE progressive in that seat, Kendrick Meek. He is fighting hard for the public option in the House and he will continue his good work in the Senate. Thankfully this isn't a race between Nelson and Crist which would be the lesser of two evils. If you try to stack Crist up against Meek its not even close on the issues.

    Not. Even. Close!


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