Friday, January 30, 2009

Underreported Story Of The Day

SCHIP passed in the Senate and is sure to be signed into law by President Obama. Now 4 million more children will get healthcare coverage. It's great news of course but it also illuminates what kinds of attacks will be used in the coming fight over universal healthcare:

The Senate debate showed the outlines of what promises to be a much larger political fight over universal coverage. While Democrats championed expansion of the child health program, many Republicans, including Senator John McCain of Arizona, said they worried that it was part of a long-term effort to replace private health insurance with government programs.


But Mr. McCain said, “Some of us who look at this bill may view it as another effort to eliminate, over time, private insurance in America, and I am concerned about that.”

And Senator
Roger Wicker, Republican of Mississippi, asked, “Is the real intent of this legislation to replace the private health care system with a government-run health care system?”

When you are trying to block kids from being able to see a doctor I guess any old excuse will do.

You stay classy GOP!

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  1. SG just remember the public sector (i.e. govt DOES NOT create any money). All of their money comes from the private sector. So when you advocate for billion dollar programs you're advocating for a billion dollar transfer from the private sector.

    I would say those GOPers who are concerned (high earners, high net worth and corporations) have at the very least a right to present their PoV in the debate.

    You can't just expect people who make a ton of money (relative to your baseline) to just blindly support govt spending without at least having their PoV heard.



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