Friday, January 30, 2009

Deep Thought

In the race for RNC chair where at that moment Katon Dawson and Mike Steele are neck and neck, if Ken Blackwell throws his support behind Dawson will he go down as the greatest Uncle Tom of all time???

Update: Blackwell shocks the world and endorses Steele and after another round of voting Mike Steele is your new RNC Chairman....



  1. Not while Clarence Thomas is still alive.

  2. Touche

    BTW he actually endorsed Steele surprisingly

  3. Even though I am from Memphis, I live in PG County MD. When Steele was running for Senator, they sent out some red/black/green fliers connecting him to some prominent democrats, and he still lost. Also, he had bumper stickers made up that read: Steele-Democrat. If he wins, it only makes Progressives stronger. There is so much out there for the media to attack him on, that its funny. I actually hope he does win. He will be exposed for the handkerchief head that he is.

  4. He did win juat a little while ago. And I agree that its going to hurt the Rethugs more than help them with minority outreach. I will post an update


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