Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mosley PWNS Margarito

Damn, I like Sugar Shane Mosley but I never thought he would beat Antonio Margarito so convincingly even in my wildest dreams. Boxing really needed that!


  1. I only saw the highlights on ESPN but damn! that was a beat down.

  2. Shane put on a clinic man. It was ridiculous. But I have to say it had a lot to do with Margarito just trying to walk through punches instead of using even the slightest bit of head movement. To say he was a statue would be doing a disservice to statues. Still Shane had to have guts to throw big shots as man times as he did knowing what Margarito did to Cotto. But I have to say, this story about a foreign substance in Margarito's hand wrap has me thinking that there is going to be a major investigation. The one thing I always questioned about Cotto was his chin but what Margarito did to him was ridiculous and it looks now like he might have been helped by some shenanigans.

    Probably the biggest thing Shane did was he hit Margarito with some big body blows which I thought was a great part of his game plan when he was younger but something he had moved away from after he got big time to his own detriment.

  3. Ah the body blow, after the jab it's a boxer's best friend.


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