Monday, June 1, 2009

When Hate Speech Kills

Greg Sargent is reporting what many people had already guessed, that tonight Bill O'Reilly will address the murder of Dr. George Tiller along with the fac that many people feel he bears some responsibility in the crime. I have no doubt in my mind that Bill O will shirk any and all responsibility. That's what he does. He gins up the rage of his viewers and then when one of them acts he never wants to admit that he had something to do with it. Well Jed Lewison has put together a video with many of the attacks Bill O has lobbed at Dr. Tiller over the last several years. You can come to your own conclusion as to whether his kind of rhetoric might have sounded to Scott Roeder like O'Reilly was cheering him on.


  1. This is the second right wing gunmen connected to O'Reilly and the gang. Remember the church shooter in TN last summer?

  2. You were right, SG. Bill O ducked and claimed that everything he said was accurate and he isn't responsible. I've gotten over waiting for guys like Bill O and Dick Cheney to admit that they were wrong about anything. Let's just oust them and get on with the business of governing.


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