Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some Nobody

I would venture to say that 99% of Americans don't have a clue who Michael Savage is. But evidently he has carved out some kind of niche right wing hate audience on the radio. And because MediaMatters has been documenting his hate speech evidently he decided to threaten them, kinda standard fare for right wing extremists these days. Well evidently MediaMatters isn't intimidated at all.

MediaMatters does great work and I am very happy to see that they won't allow anyone to use fear tactics on them.

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  1. Michael Savage is crazy as...well, you fill in the blank. He basically makes money saying crazy ish on the radio. And the scary part is there seems to be a huge audience following him.

    When I drove home late at night and could get no signal (I was in the boondocks), I would listen to his show just to get a laugh. The things coming out of his mouth were utterly ridiculous. They made no sense. But there was no shortage of callers calling in to celebrate the genius that is Michael Savage.


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