Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Illest

I have mentioned before that the reason why I ever started up my own blog was because while hanging over at Ta Nehisi Coates' spot he pretty much challenged all of the regular commenters to branch out and do our own thing and let our voices be heard. Considering how much fun I had leaving comments there and other places around the net I eventually took up that challenge. But I still make sure to go by and check out his offerings everyday whether I offer an opinion in comments or not. The reason being is the dude is a dope ass writer in every sense of the word. And he writes in a voice that speaks to me . No matter how much I put into this blog I am pretty sure I could never reach the kind of status he enjoys because the boy has some God given talent that you just don't come by every day.

Having said that this particular post still blew me away. Not just on the knowledge dropped but in how he put it in almost a poetic commentary. 100% Awesome sauce. When I run up on something this major I don't usually excerpt it and I won't this time because it deserves the full read. So go check out "In Every Black Man's Eyes--Death To The Rebel", you will be glad you did!

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