Monday, June 22, 2009

Exposed Yet Again.

This back and forth between Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough illustrates yet again why I just can't quit Tweety. The guy is uninformed many times, uninterested at others but about once a week he exposes and idiot as being....and idiot.

Joe Scarborough has been doing his dead level best to try to obscure how much of a right wing ideologue he is lately on his show. He still opposes just about everything the rest of the wingnuts oppose but he finds different more plausible reasons for opposing them. But with healthcare reform for instance he really doesn't want it to go through because he knows it will help Democrats. So he spins it as a deficit problem to make it seem like he opposes it because he is a fiscal scold.

But Tweety just owns him on the discussion of the politics of the situation. Scarborough is totally wrong in just about every aspect of his argument. But instead of conceeding it he just kept on talking through the break because he hates it when a guest shows him for who he is and what his positions are. And to his credit Tweety just kept busting him in the mouth with the truth. I doubt if Chris Matthews will be invited back any time soon.



  1. Everytime I read one of these "X" mops the floor with "Y" posts it looks different to me. In this case I call it a draw. Matthews does not address the deficit questions or show the tool that he is wrong about the deficit issue.

  2. Thats because there is no deficit question to answer. The premise isn't based in fact. President Obama has already said he wanted health care reform to be deficit neutral. That means however much it costs there has to be a plan to pay for it. Joe Scarborough knows this but its his only play to make it seem as if he has a legitimate beef with health care reform. Tweety doesn't even address it because even if it were true, which it isn't, that has nothing to do with the politics of why some Democrats are wishy washy on Healthcare. They are cowed by the insurance companies that are big time contributors and they are worried about being labeled socialists. None of them, not even the blue dogs are worried about the deficit and the public overwhelmingly is in favor of a public option which Tweety pointed out.

    I guess its easier to recognize someone getting owned when you already know whose side the facts are on.


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