Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Liberal" Mainstream Media My Ass

I am going to be busy for the next few days so blogging will be light, but I just had to link to this Glenn Greenwald post ripping the New York Times to shreds for their article yesterday about Department of Justice officials supposedly signing off on torture techniques as "legal". What the hell are we supposed to do when our media which is supposed to report the news to us instead just act as stenographers to paint a picture exactly opposite from the evidence in their possession? I know people are worried about some Newspapers going out of business but when they are misleading the public in the destructive ways that they have for at least the last 8 years now I can't help but cheer for their demise. Glenzilla's post should not only be read but also passed on to your friends and family members so every one can be informed just how shitty a job our "liberal" mainstream media is doing of reporting the facts especially when it comes to pushing Bush Administration propaganda.

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