Monday, June 22, 2009

Time To Play A Little Catch Up

For the more informed of the people who drop by here from time to time much of what I will link to will be repetitive but just for my own edification I am going to link to several major stories that I missed last week.

First up of course is the fraudulent Iranian elections. Sully has been doing a great job of blogging on this subject including rounding up tweets from Iran so I highly recommend checking out his blog several times through out the day.

Neda has become the face of the Iranian revolution.

Although some of the usual neoconic suspects on the right are using the uprising in Iran to try to take shots at President Obama, at least a few conservatives agree with his approach.

Congressman Mike Pence is an asshole who isn't very bright.

In some respects it seems like the NeoCons aren't even really trying anymore.

Health care reform took a few hits last week, one of them by the guy who was originally supposed to push it through. And some of the hits weren't what they seemed to be. But you know that won't stop asshole pundits from pushing the meme. But the American people want reform and they also overwhelmingly want a public option. Its about time Democrats in Congress followed the will of the people and show some backbone and "stiffen their spines". Paul Krugman calls the Democrats out.

Karen Tumulty shows that we don't have to look to socialized health care in other countries for horror stories, we have plenty of those same stories here from "free market" health care of our own.

AmericansUnited parodies the GOP fearmongering over health care reform.

This TYT video shows how Change Congress is using some new tactics to whip DINOs into real Democrats.

After taking some pretty big hits over his administration's handling of DADT and DOMA or rather mishandling, President Obama is going to sit down with some major players in the gay rights movement.

I believe Glenzilla has the definitive post on Dan Froomkin's firing from WaPo. As you might expect he empties the clip and airs the Village out but good!

Senator John Ensign is in the middle of a scandal over the extramarital affair he had with a former aide's wife,, whose family he helped secure jobs for and FoxNews has some 'splainin to do because the aide went to them first with the story and they didn't report it.

The CIA delayed release of the "Holy Grail" Inspector General's report on torture by a week.

Evidently President Obama along with John Hodgeman told some jokes over the weekend.

Paul Begala handed Megan McCain a big cup of STFU.

Ok that's obviously not everything that I missed but at least I think its a start. Back to regular blogging shortly.


  1. Neda broke my heart. I can't stop watching the video. I almost think it's my duty to watch it. That precious girl, who was probably just standing watching, lost her life and it breaks my heart.

    I've said it before. Mike Pence is a "good enough for gubment work" moron.

  2. P.S. Welcome back. You were missed.


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