Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Almost Admirable" Revisited

I know a lot of Villagers, not surprisingly most of them men, are trying their best to excuse South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford for sleeping around on his wife simply because he admitted to it in a press conference. A press conference he HAD to have after he went AWOL for almost a week and an enterprising journalist on a haunch caught him flying back into town from Argentina. You know from my earlier post that I am not buying that particular line of bullshit at all. And now I want all of those "forgiving" MSM types to read this tidbit from a New York Times article on Sanford's wife, Jenny.

Through a spokeswoman, Mrs. Sanford declined requests to be interviewed for this article, but told The Associated Press she learned of her husband’s affair early this year when she found a letter he had written. She told him to end the relationship, but he repeatedly asked permission to visit the woman in Argentina in the months that followed.

“I said absolutely not,” Mrs. Sanford told The A.P. “It’s one thing to forgive adultery. It’s another to condone it.”

Then, last week, when the governor told her he needed time alone to write, she had specifically warned him not to see his mistress. She said she was devastated when he went to meet her in Argentina.

In my earlier blog post I asked these journalists to imagine if it was their wife who did the cheating. But now I would ask them to imagine it was their daughter who was married to Mark Sanford. And after she specifically asked him not to see his mistress while he "needed time alone" he not only went, but planned to be there for 10 days initially and couldn't even find 2 minutes to call his sons for Father's Day.

What he did was disgusting and the people trying to pooh pooh it are just as disgusting in my opinion.

Update: I personally don't think that anybody who watches "Morning Joe" for more than five minutes takes anything Mike Brzezinski says seriously. However on the off chance that a few people do MediaMatters absolutely ANNIHILATES her false equivalency and erroneous contrast between how Republicans and Democrats are treated when they engage in sex scandals.

I swear, she must have been adopted.

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