Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Truly Disgusting Human Being

I want you to think about something for a moment. Think about what Bill O'Reilly is saying about women. He is saying that he believes there are thousands of women who would seek to end their pregnancy in the last trimester on a whim or a lark. He is promoting a notion that there are countless women so cold hearted that they would have no qualms about going through that procedure simply because they "wanted to go to a concert". I don't have a problem with people being opposed to late term abortions, but to put the situation is such obviously ridiculous terms is just reprehensible. When his guest tries to correct him he immediately begins to talk over her. He doesn't want to know or even consider what the truth is. It couldn't be that these procedures are actually reserved for women whose lives are really in danger. No, not in his world. He is just all too happy to keep framing the debate in false terms to try to paint Dr. Tiller as a monster.

You see he isn't really upset that Dr. Tiller was murdered, he is just upset that people rightly leveled some blame at him for it. Bill O'Reilly is a coward of the highest order and we need to find a way to get his advertisers to pull away from him. This man doesn't deserve a second chance to try to get another doctor killed.

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  1. But he's so tough and macho and so much a manly man.


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