Monday, June 22, 2009

Which Way Did He Go?

Uhmmm somebody might want to put out an APB for wingnut supreme South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford

What in the hell is going on with all of the GOP 2012 hopefuls?

Update: Gotta love this response from the SC Democratic party

South Carolina Senate Democratic Leader John C. Land, III (D-Manning) issued the following statement today on the news that Governor Mark Sanford has gone missing:

"We’ve been concerned by the Governor’s erratic behavior for some time. We’re praying for him and his family. I hope he is safe and that he contacts the First Lady and his family soon, said Land.

Update II: And here is why I couldn't give a fuck less if Sanford was in mental distress while he was missing.

To defend his grandstanding, Sanford has previously lashed out at his critics, saying it would be tantamount to “fiscal child abuse” to accept the federal money. He has also compared President Obama to Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, because of his fiscal policies. But now Sanford is taking his hyperbolic rhetoric to another level, claiming that the stimulus will result in “a thing called slavery”:

SANFORD: A guy from the northeast did a study on generational accounting. Generational accounting says what is the imputed tax for a young person born in America today? And remarkably, that number is 82, which at all ain’t that far from a thing called slavery. If you’re giving away 82% of every dollar you earn every day and every week and every month, A, it’s not a good deal, B, it collapses the capitalistic system because nobody has any initiative to work at that point, and C, it really isn’t that far from slavery. And what the Republic was originally set up was on the notion that was just talked about a moment ago, which is this larger notion of freedom. And economic freedom is a part of the larger notion of freedom.

I know some people who I respect are giving the guy the benefit of a doubt.

Not me.

Fuck that muthafucka.

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