Sunday, June 28, 2009

They're Scared

Its apparent to me after reading this Washington Post article about liberal and progressive groups targetting ConservaDems over a public option in healthcare reform that the Democratic obstructionists are very very afraid. Why else do you have so many people trying to diminish what folks like Change Congress are doing? If it wasn't having an effect I imagine the response would be "no comment". But by trying to make the claim that they are wasting money its a classic tell for anyone paying attention. So with the aid of a Washington Post cohort people like Senator Feinstein launches attacks on these organiziations.

Funny DiFi if it "didn't move you even a wit" why did you come out and clarify your remarks against the public option a week ago?

Now is the time to push the pressure up even further and continue to support the people on the frontlines trying to push this through with full Democratic support.

There is no health care reform without a public option. Its really that simple.

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  1. Not only is it that simple, it's that important.


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