Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Will The Stenographers Learn?

For the last two days the mainstream media has made fools of itselves with their coverage of Governor Mark Sanford's dissappearance. No matter how much the facts didn't add up the media repeatedly just acted as stenographers for Sanford's aides. When they said they knew exactly where Sanford was, the media repeated it as fact. When they said he was hiking in the Appalachian trails even though several other contradictory statements had already been made about his whereabouts, the media repeated it as fact. When they said they heard from him yesterday and he was indeed hiking, the media repeated it as fact.

So imagine the MSM surprise when he showed up in an airport today supposedly coming back from an almost weeklong trip to Argentina.

Now you would think after having acted as stenographers with out even a hint of curiosity or skepticism with the story Sanford's aides were feeding them, the media would now act a little more cautiously and show a healthy bit of skepticism over whether he was even in Argentina as he said.

And you would be wrong.

Seriously, these people will never learn.

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