Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PWNED On National Tee Vee

Yesterday before President Obama's Press Conference I heard that Ed Henry likes to write his questions down in advance. After watching him get his ass handed to him I have to say he should have saved the ink.

Yes the rest of the press core laughed at you last night Ed Henry. No amount of spinning by your colleagues at CNN will change the fact that you got dismissed like the pretentious prick that you are in front of everybody. Deal with it.

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  1. If President Obama keeps this up, maybe we'll get a real press again.

    I'm hopeful they'll listen to him and get a schooling, and the facts, required to provide the American people with the information and knowledge we need to navigate through the stressful time we're living right now.

    I've learned more from President Obama in two press conferences than I've garnered from the many press reports made during those times.

    Americans need to be educated about what is happening with our country and the press is treeating the news as if it's all triviality and gossip.

    We need educators and President Obama is stepping up to fill the role of the press. It's a shame he has to do everything!


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