Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Did The New York Times Get Rick Rolled?

For the better part of the last two hours I have been doing all manner of internet searches for this Jake DeSantis guy who wrote the GBCW screed in the New York Times today and his position with AIG. It all started because I did a quick Google search and thought I found him when I found this guy named Anthony J. DeSantis who is a VP at AIG but with the wrong division. After I posted a link to Anthony's information over at Swampland it was pointed out to me that it wasn't the right guy. Well I have now looked all over the net includinng here, here and here and there is no sign of an Executive VP at AIGFP by the name of Jake DeSantis. Now I am going to allow for the fact that he could indeed exist but I can tell you one thing other than a recently posted LinkedIn profile and the NYTimes op-ed he doesn't actually exist in tandem with AIG on the intertubes. I wonder if anybody else has tried to contact the guy or at least verify that he exists?

If he DOESN'T exist then the New York Times will have lost ALL credibility. That much is for sure!

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  1. Check your DK diary comments. He exists.


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