Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well Lets Just Nuke Everybody Then...

I am a Christian and I make no apologies for that, but I have learned throughout my life that not all Christians are made equal. There is nothing in my bible that tells me to reject science, and yet fundamentalist/evangelical Christians routinely reject even the most basic scientific truths. Now its one thing to have those views as your personal views, its another thing ENTIRELY to govern that way as an elected official. Check out Congressman John Shimkus from Illinois and his views on global warming as influenced by......the Bible.

A few questions have to be asked, first and foremost how does THAT guy get to be on the Subcommittee on Energy and Environment? And if this is a guy who believes that humans can do NOTHING to end the world, is that really someone we want as an elected official? Think about what he is saying here and how it applies to his world view. In his world I would presume that a nuclear war wouldn't be so bad because surely the Lord wouldn't allow the world to end that way. Never mind the fact that many different species of animal have literally gone extinct and don't exist anymore anywhere on the planet, I am sure this guy thinks we should drill for oil everywhere because hell nothing that we do matters to the environment evidently. If God wants polar bears to live then they will live, right?

I am struggling to try to understand how some of the clowns who are in Congress got elected to their office. If this guy was on a street corner shouting the same things he said in that hearing he would be dismissed as a kook and possibly given a mental health evaluation by the cops. But because he is in Congress for some reason we have to take his views seriously. And its not like he is a special case, his esteemed colleague Michele Bachmann isn't any better and the list goes on and on. To be honest with you I don't see a difference between their version of Christianity and terrorists version of the Koran. They both are perverting a religion for their own means and gain. At some point we are going to have to point out this extremism for what it is and reject these people. We can't afford to have them in position to lead our country over a cliff all so they can up their fundamentalist/evangelical cred.

(h/t Benen)

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  1. 1. God gives man free will.

    2. If that free will ends all human life as we know it, then we're simply talking semantics b/t that and the biblical end of the earth.

    3. Does his logic extend to the individual life of man? God makes pretty clear that no man knows the day nor the time of the end of his life. So if that's the case then based on his logic we should all take no care for the preservation of our life, since there's nothing we can do to extend it.

    It's sad to see how people use Jesus and God to further their agenda. I'm almost convinced that God looks down and shakes his head at those who are sanctomonious to apply his word to anything other than their own life, where I'm 100% certain they have struggles, like all Christians do.



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