Sunday, March 29, 2009

Matt Taibbi's Response To Jake/Jason DeSantis

Matt Taibbi's thorough and absolute destruction of Jake/Jason DeSantis is such a masterpiece that I will not excerpt even a single sylabble, just go read the whole thing!


  1. In the words of John Cole, Matt Taibbi is an American Hero.

    I was never impressed with DeSantis' letter. It smacked of grandstanding and outrageous entitlement. By what standard did he "earn" $700K in bonuses?

    What we're finding out in this financial crisis is how fungible the word "earn" really is.

  2. All over the Net there is a passionate debate between those favouring Mr DeSantis and those refusing his letter. Mr Taibbi stirred and sublimated this discussion to a higher level. Even thought I don't always agree with the outcome of his writings, it must be said that he and his articles are needed in these times when people forget to think for themselves.

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