Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Must See TV

According to Nielsen ratings The Rachel Maddow show has lost quite a bit of its viewership over the course of President Obama's first year. I can honestly say that I can't imagine why that is. If you thought Rachel's show was interesting and worth watching before the election, it has only gotten better in my estimation since that time. And I say that even acknowledging that I don't always agree with her point of view. Last night she was particularly AWESOME in calling out the hypocrisy of Congressional Republicans which seemingly knows no bounds at this point.

The only question I have at this point is why aren't the rest of the so called news hosts on MSNBC actually paying attention to her reporting on a vast number of issues? I say reporting because that is exactly what it is. There is no denying that Rachel is a progressive through and through, but she brings facts to the table, not just hyperbole. And bigger than that she isn't above making corrections when she makes mistakes. Combine that with her appearances on Meet The Press which have been like a breath of fresh air and its high time the rest of the mainstream media, including her own network, start taking her a helluva lot more seriously!

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  1. The rest of the "Media Personalities" cover politics like you would cover a sporting event, endlessly re-hashing the "score", who's ahead, who's behind, who's on first. Real facts and consequences of policy are just too hard to follow for most of these twits. Rachel did get a little smug there for a while. She's better when she is really examining an issue and exposing hypocrisy. Her stuff about The Family was great.

  2. This lost will not effect in future i believe. I watch the show and i like it.


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