Friday, February 26, 2010

Meet The Press Blackout

A couple weeks ago Rachel Maddow was on Meet The Press and they had their highest ratings since.......well since the LAST time she had been on which was many months previous. This Sunday Meet The Press is having that bitter bastard John McCain on for the gazillionth time since last year. Its time for us to try an organized and coordinated strategy to try to pull the Sunday shows leftward.

I propose that every liberal and progressive blogger out there pledge to turn away from Meet The Press this Sunday. I know many of us watch it in order to critque it but I am pretty sure that the sun will come up Monday if we sit this one out. But it shouldn't just be that WE turn off Meet The Press, we have to get every one we know to do so also. Family members, friends, church members, alumni, whomever. Just spread the word not to watch this Sunday. (And honestly I don't think you have to tell them why either as long as they commit to doing something else).

If we can get enough people to turn away then we can alert the media to what we are trying to do. We point out after the Nielsen ratings are released how much better Meet The Press did with Rachel on than with McCain and we start to ask the question why we get so much of him, and so little of her and other voices like hers. Regardless of ideological bent, networks LIVE for ratings. So this is the one way that we can make a statement that actually might make a difference.

So what do you say? Any takers?

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  1. I quit watching it over a year ago. I only watch it when Rachel comes on.


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