Monday, February 1, 2010

Let's Try Something Unorthodox (Read Effective)

Frank Luntz is out again with a shiny new memo for the GOP. This time the veteran wordsmith and hood winker is after financial regulatory reform, specifically trying to kill it. Now one thing that was amazing about the health care reform fight is that Luntz released his memo to the GOP to the public prior to the fight and just about every talking point and cannard we heard for the next 8 or 9 months was contained in said memo. Still Democrats struggled to refute them or even to point out that they WERE talking points. Well its time out for that bullshit.

It's time to make inside baseball a little more outside.

I propose that Democratic members of Congress, particularly those up for reelection this year go on the offensive by sending a copy of the memo to their constituents right away, as well as to editorial boards of the papers that cover their home states and or districts. Point out the words that they will be hearing for the next few months and where they came from. And leave them with this advice, whenever they hear those words coming from a Republican's lips they should be reminded that they are being scammed.

This is what you call low hanging fruit ladies and gentlemen. Most folks are already fed up with the bankers. But now to show that the GOP is unequivically on THEIR side and not OUR side will put an end to all that bullshit populism rhetoric that they are trying to run on.

Time is of the essence however because if people aren't made aware of what is in that memo then once the ball starts rolling it will be hard to stop. We simply can't afford to let that happen.

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