Sunday, February 14, 2010

Congressman Schock Gets Clocked

I have no idea who in the GOP leadership thought it would be a good idea to send freshman House member, Aaron Schock to Meet The Press today with the likes of Rachel Maddow and political animal Harold Ford Jr. Now I didn't agree with HFJ's weaksauce "independent" comments that he kept throwing around like his supposed disagreement about trying KSM in New York, but the guy knows how to throw sharp elbows and I'm not even sure if Shlock even caught it when he called him foolish.

Then you have Rachel, who might be a little too nice at time, calling him a liar in a polite way and putting him on the spot under the bright lights when he came with the same bullshit talking points over the underpants bomber.

I bet his head was swimming by the time he left the set lol.

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