Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When Keeping It Real Goes WAYYYYYY Wrong

Now this video obviously has some racial undertones as it seems, although we don't see the full exchange at the beginning, that the black guy is offended by something the older white guy said about shining shoes. But really, this is moreso a lesson about not letting your mouth write checks your ass can't cash. Regardless of the disagreement, the older guy got up and moved to another part of the bus and did his part to diffuse the situation. The young guy, however, just wasn't going to let it go. And to be fair, the older guy DID warn him that he "slaps the shit out of" guys like the young guy.

He meant that!

So learn a lesson folks, think twice about trying somebody just because you think they are weaker than you, especially when its apparent they aren't scared of you.

Oh and as a sidenote, how funny was it to hear ole girl filming the altercation first goading the young guy into fighting then after he gets his smashed talking about suing?



  1. There are Black people and there are Naggaz like him. Did you see how he turned from hard to b@#$% move in 3 minutes?

  2. A surprising number of folks figure they can beat down their opponents with words and then get all whiny when it doesn't work. Then there are the folks who like to instigate but get all worked up if it doesn't go the way they want. You notice who got kicked off the bus, though. It's almost a metaphor for our political and media system...

  3. That poor girl with the headphones watching the whole thing going "Why did I pick this bus?"


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