Tuesday, February 9, 2010


It seems that President Obama FINALLY remembered that he has the biggest bully pulpit on the block and he used it today. Now honestly his address to the White House press corps could have used a little more emotion and anger, piss and vinegar, etc etc, but just to have him speak on the GOP obstructionism, particularly on Senator Shelby's blanket hold which he did point out was over earmarks, was definitely a good start.

Now if I am wrong about the power of his bully pulpit you won't see much in the news about his presser today or the substance of it and not much will change.

But if I'm right, not only will the press pick up on the things he said, you will find that Republicans being the cowards that they are will also start to modify their behavior. The more he does this kind of thing, the more they will start slowwing their roll.

Of course that still leaves the ConservaDems as substantial obstacles to progress. But maybe, just maybe, if he sees the success he gets from chastising Republicans, he might be more open to chastising the ConservaDems too.

It could happen....

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  1. Thanks, SG, for putting that up. I've been looking around for it. Nice to see the guy I doorknocked for.



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