Monday, February 8, 2010

THAT'S Why I Said President Obama Had To Speak On It

On the left a lot of people were excited last week after Senator Shelby put a "blanket hold" on over 70 nominees of the Obama administration over an earmark he wanted. For some reason, even after all we have seen over the last year where Republicans are caught red handed lying, cheating and in some cases committing crimes and having suffered no political blowback, people really believed that NOW the Republicans would get their come uppance. I on the other hand knew that unless this issue was pressed hard and explained to the American people by no less than President Obama, it would all gets swept under the rug.

Well after countless blog posts, Robert Gibbs calling Shelby out, and a post by Dan Pfeiffer on the White House blog but no mention of it by President Obama, guess what the Sunday shows did on the issue?

Why they ignored it of course.

Out of 5 Sunday "news" shows, only one even made mention of it. And guess what happened when they did? Dana Bash on CNN went with the false equivalence excuse. You know, cuz Democrats "did the exact same thing".

Except they didn't, and she either does or should know that.

At some point folks on the left are going to realize that winning arguments at this point is bullshit. Democrats are the party in power. Nobody gives a fuck about winning arguments. What they want to see is results, not excuses. Just over a week or so ago President Obama put on a masterful performance at the GOP retreat in pushing back on all their talking points. And it was TELEVISED. You know what he got for his wonderful job? His approval rating after spiking a few points is now back around 49 %

Yeah, that'll show em.

Its the same reason why this health care reform "summit" is going to turn out to be some bullshit that blows up in our face too. Republicans aren't going to all of a sudden add anything new to the conversation. But they haven't for months and has anybody paid a price for it? But you know what they WILL do while Obama is having summits and shit? They will get back to their all important work of demonizing health care reform. And you know what? People are going to buy that shit again. But let me give you an alternate scenario.

Lets say the Republicans DO come up with something to be included in the bill. Well guess what that means. It means the bill has to be changed and if its changed it has to be passed again by BOTH Houses of Congress. Do you really think the Republicans are going to vote for this bill even if something they want is included?

Uhmmm shit they have asked for for years is ALREADY in the bill.

So they can play the game, and then once again filibuster the bill and we are right back where we started but now its going to be closer to mid term elections and no Conserva Dem is going to want to touch it.

And on that note, even IF President Obama is able to show up the Republicans at his "summit", is that really going to vote the Liebermans, Landrieus, and Nelsons to now vote for it?

Playa please.

Im still a Democrat, and I still support this administration, but I will be soooooooo happy when they realize they are doing it wrong.


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