Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good On Em!!!

A Rhode Island high school has fired every single teacher after the teachers' union refused to go along with the superintendent's proposed plan for increased workload without much extra pay. The school, Central Falls High School, was one of the wosrt-performing high schools in the state.


The conditions are adding 25 minutes to the school day, providing tutoring on a rotating schedule before and after school, eating lunch with students once a week, submitting to more rigorous evaluations, attending weekly after-school planning sessions with other teachers and participating in two weeks of training in the summer.


I support unions and both of my parents were teachers, but if these folks weren't willing to kick in some extra time to try to help the kids at their school and the school has been failing them miserably, I have not one ounce of pity for them. Doing your job as a teacher doesn't mean working a 9 to 5. It means doing whatever it takes to make sure those kids that parents are entrusting to you for most of the day perform and have a chance in life. If that isn't your bag then stay the fuck out of the profession.

Real talk.

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