Thursday, December 24, 2009

With Grover Norquist? You Have Bumped Your Fucking Head

Jane Hamsher has decided that she is so pissed off about health care reform that she is willing to not only go on FoxNews but to also team up with that right wing asshole cretin who doesn't give a shit about the poor or needy in this country, Grover Norquist, in order to go after her white whale, Rahm Emmanual.


Well my little shitty blog doesn't have a big readership or anything but I will tell you this, FireDogLake is now off my blog roll, I will never EVER link to any of Jane Hamsher's bullshit or anything else there aside from Spencer Ackerman again, and I personally hope every single person aligned with her abandons her ass over this bullshit. She has now allowed her anger to turn her into a bitter person with the same lack of morals that she used to decry in right wingers. I don't have any use for that kind of person on my side of the fence. I hope she enjoys her time in the land of irrelevancy as she has definitely earned it now. And what I really hope is true liberals and progressives extract themselves from her kind of poisonous bullshit before they get sucked in much further. There ain't a got damn thing on earth that would get me to join forces with someone like Grover Norquist and for that matter anybody who would see in him an ally on any issue.

This shit has gone way too far now and at some point, somebody close to Jane Hamsher who actually gives a shit about her needs to give her stage an intervention. And I am dead serious about that.

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  1. Amen, amen.. She HATES the President. Remember the primaries? Can you say puma?
    She went after healthcare, then talked about primarying Obama. That's about the time when dean started to change his rhetoric from kill the bill, to making it stronger. He exited the building on that.
    She had to come up with a new strategy and everyone knows that with rahm, you either love him or hate him. That includes so-call progressives. Since she can't touch the president, she is trying to backdoor him by going after rahm. The purpose is to make Obama look like bush to rahm's cheney. Weak and over his head.


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