Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Man, if you just missed Susan Rice and Rachel Maddow going at it over Afghanistan then you missed perhaps the best debate over Afghanistan that has happened thus far. There was no yelling and no hyperbole but both of them brought the awesome sauce. I'll have it up as soon as its available.

I have to say, for the first time ever, I think somebody got the better of Maddow. Rice had an answer basically for every question and in the end I think Rachel herself damn near tapped out because she had nowhere else to take the interview.

Update: The video as promised.

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I honestly think that Ambassador Rice had Rachel so perplexed that she felt the need to ask her to stay just to try to pin her down again. She did in fact stay, but it didn't in fact work.

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Honestly I am still on the fence over the escalation in Afghanistan, but Susan Rice made a stronger case than anybody else I have heard. And don't get me wrong, Rachel asked all the right questions, questions that you won't hear many other officials or Congress persons asked, but Rice was just incredibly prepared to answer them all. Kudos to both of them for having such a civil yet sharp debate on a very complex issue.


  1. You are at least the 3rd person who has commented on the Susan Rice "rachel maddow smackdown"

    I'm not surprised by Susan Rice, if I remember correctly from the campaign, Susan Rice was an Obama advisor, and whenever she was doing an interview, she was a beast!

  2. Yes, that Rice/Maddow conversation is like all grown-up and stuff! So I was extremely vexed that Rachelle threw some addendum snark on Rice the next night. It was really uncalled for and dissappointing.


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