Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Taken To The Woodshed

Somehow I doubt Charles Lane will be trying to attack Ezra Klein again any time soon.

Punks jump up to get beatdown!


  1. So, who starts the pool on how much longer Ezra gets a paycheck from the Post?
    Oh, and thanks for liking to Ezra; I refuse to visit Mr. Hiatt's website any more, but I don't mind skipping right there via a link.

  2. Because of how popular Ezra's blog is and because he is the hottest young wonk in DC right now in my estimation, I highly doubt Hiatt will fire him because the cost would be too high. Froomkin was easier because they knew he had a niche that didn't necessarily cross over to their competitors or who he sees as their competitors. But Ezra is so good on all kinds of policy that if they cut him loose he will be signed to a contract some where else before the ink on his pink slip dries. And WaPo will lose the little bit of web traffic they are actually getting now.

    No, they have to keep him. They will probably start openly allowing folks in op eds and such to attack him though. Which for me is great because I have a feeling that smackdowns like this one will become the norm.


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