Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This Is Where I Get Off The Train

Jane Hamsher has been a tireless advocate and activist for health care reform and I appreciate her efforts. But she has jumped into crazy land now and I for one am not going with her. It started last week when she tried to link the people on the left criticizing the Senate health care reform bill with the tea baggers. I don't have a fucking thing in common with those assholes and wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire. Now she has gone on Fox And Friends because of course they want to use her to show "even the leftist libruls hate this bill". You know, I am pretty sure that last year she and the rest of the crew over at FDL were pressuring Democratic candidates for President not to go on FoxNews at all. But now, when she has a criticism of the bill its ok for HER to go on that fucked up extremist, and in some respects dangerous network?


I am still very dissappointed in that bill and I think its going to really bite Democrats in the ass next year in the midterms, but I will be got damn if I align with the other side just to try to kill the bill. When you have to go that far then its time to look in the mirror and reassess just what it is you are fighting for, or against, in my opinion. I doubt if she will actually do that, but I encourage those who have been following her lead up to this point to engage in some soul searching. Is that kind of shit really what you think progressives really should be about?

I don't.

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