Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This Dude Right Here....

I stopped paying much attention to RNC Chairman Michael Steele quite a while ago because the guy has been such a clown since being elected that he does more to hurt the Republican cause than help it. But its one thing to look like a joke and try to fool the good white folks in the GOP into believing that he has some kind of special insight into the hip hop culture, its quite another when he starts stuffing his pockets with money by leveraging his position as RNC Chairman. I figured for awhile that there was no way possible for them to fire Steele because he was their token, meant to fight President Obama tooth and nail for the heart and soul of brown Americans. But now, after this, there ain't no way in hell they can keep him in his position.

And if they do, won't that be an example of the same kind of affirmative action practices they claim to hate?

I mean seriously, if the DNC sat down and imagined the perfect RNC Chairman to drive the GOP off the cliff could they have done any better than Michael Steele? I don't think so.

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  1. "..won't that be an example of the same kind of affirmative action practices they claim to hate?"

    Um, you might want to look at that one again - don't worry, we won't hold it against you. It's often hard to credit that anyone can be so blatantly, even proudly, hypocritical as the entire GOP is. "My rules only apply to you".
    Personally, however, I don't see them canning Mr. Steele any time soon, if they haven't done it already. Why would they? He's doing more or less what they wanted him for - to put a "hip", "urban", "gangsta" face on the Republican Party. They expect him to be a clown - he is, after all, one of them Black folks, and is therefore crippled by his genes. Still, he serves his mutliple purposes - to act as bait for minority idiots; to give the , ah, "less-tolerant" wings of the Party some Color Cover; and to remind the White Folks in the Party that them Black Folks aren't all scary - some still know their place (cf Clarence Thoams).


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