Thursday, December 10, 2009

And This Is Why You Can't Take Them Seriously

President Obama had a bipartisan meeting yesterday on the Hill about job creation. During the course of the conversation resident House GOP golden boy Eric Cantor had this to say.

"The president said he would look at some of our proposals,'' Representative Eric Cantor, the House Republican whip, told reporters after the session. But, he added, "there is a stark contrast between what the president is proposing and our no-cost jobs plan.''

And what exactly is their "no-cost jobs plan"?


Of course.

But here is the thing, tax cuts actually, you know, cost money. Any cuts in revenue will have a negative effect on our deficit. Now sometimes that is necessary, like now, when you have an economy that is faltering. But make no mistake about it, when the CBO scores any tax cuts that are proposed and or are eventually implemented, it will affect our bottom line and add to our deficit. That the GOP is still classifying tax cuts as "no-cost" tells you everything you need to know about their mindset. Not only did they learn nothing about how the economy over the previous 8 years of big tax cuts to the wealthy, they seem to know absolutely nothing about what adds to the deficit.

Now again, in this case some targeted tax cuts will probably be beneficial in the short term to get our economy back on track. But to try to say that they will be free is just another sign of how dumb the GOP's leading figures really are. It ain't rocket science. Hell even a high school economics student would recognize that tax cuts cost money.

But this is your Republican Party these days, and that's why there is no reason to really take them seriously.

It is what it is.

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  1. Well, yes. Ideology always beats facts. Thinking is hard. Understanding is elitist. Anyone can be True Believer, especially because it's truly "no-fault". If your beliefs don't work out as expected, it's because somebody (probably a shadowy cabal of nefarious political enemies) sabotaged your efforts. Treason! etc.
    And this is why the United States has passed the tipping point, politically speaking. There is, practically speaking, no longer anyone with the courage to stand up and say "This is insane, and these people are deliberately destroying any attempt to fix their disaster." Anyone who does is derisively dismissed out-of-hand. Neither party will govern; the GOP because their ideology (such as it is) precludes it, and the Democratic Party because their starting assumption is that all sides must be represented in any bill. Just like Rome, just like Weimar Germany, just like any number of other states, it will finally reach a point where a strong Leader must emerge to do what the 'democratic' ruling class won't. People just don't like being free after the first few years - it's simply too much worry. God knows how the UK has managed to stay more or less free all this time - perhaps the lack of government structure has something to do with it.


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