Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goldman Sachs Stacked The Deck

After this reporting by McClatchy on how Goldman Sachs rigged their securities so that practically no matter what their investors would lose and they would win I have two thoughts running through my mind.

1. Why haven't the Goldman Sachs executives been summoned on the Hill for some hearings and grillings like the AIG and Citibank folks etc have?

2. Now that it turns out that many of the risky investments that helped bring down our financial system last year were dealing with mortgages in the Cayman islands rather than just mortgages here in the States, is there anyone still foolish enough to believe that the government forcing banks to give poor brown people mortgages was really the root cause?

I don't know how much longer the Obama administration and Congress can continue to effectively look the other way when it comes to Goldman Sachs and expect the people of this country not to act a damn fool.

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