Monday, December 21, 2009

Here's Your Bipartisanship

Check out President Obama's conservative BFF Senator Tom Coburn ask for people to pray that Senator Robert Byrd died or at the least was incapacitated so he couldn't show up for the health care cloture vote last night.

Now see this is the fundamental difference between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans wouldn't have been on the floor asking what a Democrat meant by what Coburn said. Hell nah. They would have been on the floor en masse pounding his ass into oblivion over and over and calling him all kinds of names probably including domestic terrorist. Hell they would have called for hearings over that kind of shit. And you know who would know better than anybody else? Well Dick Durbin, that's who. Or have you forgotten how they pilloried him and made him apologize for speaking truth to power when he said the torture that went down at Guantanamo would have made folks think it was something that the Nazis or Russians had done if they didn't know who had actually done it.

But hey, its Tom Coburn so I guess he deserves the benefit of a doubt....

Will somebody, anybody in the Democratic Caucus of the Senate PLEASE GROW A FUCKING SPINE!

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