Monday, December 14, 2009

Ezra Klein Has Done It Again

I did a post about the flame war between Matt Taibbi and Tim Fernholz over Taibbi's new Rolling Stone article over the weekend. Well for my money Ezra Klein has just ended the debate. I know there are people who will defend Taibbi's article because they like him. Hell, I usually like his work too. But its going to be hard as hell for them to try to defend him again Klein's post. I would have thought Fernholz had made a strong case but evidently some folks reflexively dismissed it because of their affinity for Taibbi and also because Fernholz only highlighted a few problems with the piece. But Ezra pretty much takes it apart piece by piece. I have no doubt that there will still be some Taibbi fans who disagree, but their arguments are almost by necessity are going to have to be disingenuous. Hell everybody makes mistakes or puts out bad product at times, this time it was Taibbi.

Deal with it.

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