Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chris Matthews Is a Dick

So Tweety decides that he wants to talk about Jim Bunning blocking unemployment benefits for millions of Americans today. But instead of hitting Bunning for being an asshole, he invites on the Democratic nominee for Bunning's seat to bash HIM because the Democrats are being mean to Bunning.

No, I'm not kidding.

Its bad enough that Tweety ambushes the guy and acts like he is in the wrong because Democrats are exposing Bunning's hypocrisy, he also gets damn near every fact of the situation wrong proclaiming that Bunning wants to borrow from TARP to pay for the benefits when in point of fact Bunning is trying to kill the stimulus bill by borrowing from it. And of course Matthews TOTALLY forgot to mention that a few weeks ago when PAYGO was up for a vote, his baseball idol Bunning voted against it.

This kind of shit is beyond the pale and it would be helpful if people punished bad journalism like this rather than rewarded it with multi million dollar deals.

MSNBC and Chris Matthews should fucking apologize for such biased behavior.

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