Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Put Something On It!

David Corn appeared on MSNBC opposite Republican hack Brad Blakeman today to discuss Karl Rove's book. Normally this wouldn't be an earth shattering event because dozens of these segments happen every day on cable news. BUT Corn came up with a diabolical/genius way of shutting Blakeman up when he was lying through his teeth, something Republicans do on a daily basis now with little or no blowback. Instead of just leaving it at calling Blakeman a liar, he challenged him to a $1,000 bet that he was right and Blakeman was wrong. And of course Blakeman wanted NOOOOOOOOOO parts of that bet. It was wildly amusing watching him try to filibuster the rest of the segment without admitting he wouldn't agree to Corn's challenge.

More of this please!

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