Friday, March 19, 2010

They Really Are Cowards

You know, one of the most irritating things about being a Democrat is how few of our elected officials are ever willing to actually fight for something. They are so scared of Republican threats that many of them run for the hills at the first sign of trouble. And the truth is on the few occasion when a Democrat actually stands up to them invariably its the Republican who turn tails and run like the cowards they are.

Witness this situation today on the floor of the House. Republican Rep Jason Chaffetz decides to run with some unsourced unfounded rumors against retiring Democrat Bart Gordon on the floor. But look at how fast he backpeddles when Gordon gets up and confronts him about it.

See Republicans like to talk slick because they know they can usually get away with it with no reprecussions. But when they get even the slightest bit of pushback they scatter like roaches. If only Democrats could understand this they could destroy the Republican Party for a generation. But as long as they continue to only give sporadic pushback to Republican lies, then jack asses like Chaffetz will continue to sneak around and talk shit about them.

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