Saturday, March 27, 2010

Repeal And Replace.....With What? An Opportunity

I posted before about how the GOP's repeal push is likely to blow up in their face by the time November rolls around. In the last week or so it seems a number of Republicans have started reading the same tea leaves I was looking at and backed off the repeal claim some. But now there seems to be this new approach of saying they will "Repeal and Replace" the health care reform bill. So here's my thing, I never felt like Democrats ever took full advantage of Paul Ryan's disastrous and truly scary "shadow budget" nor his bullshit heath care reform plan which was actually scored by the CBO. Well my friends, as the saying goes pay back is a bitch and Democrats should now take that plan and damn near SUPER GLUE IT to the Republican Party. And you know what, I bet if we looked hard enough we could find some death panels in his plan, some real and actual cuts to Medicare, hell maybe even some areas where that plan puts government between a patient and their doctors.

For the folks in the short bus what I'm saying is now that Republicans are saying they will replace the health care reform bill that already passed we should now fear monger against Ryan's plan to the point where people will fear IT a lot more than they fear what has already passed. And in the process we insure that health care reform really is the Republican's "waterloo".

Their only possible strategic response would be to totally disavow Ryan's plan which they tried to do during the health care reform summit at Blair House, but then that leaves them in the uncomfortable position of either having to come up with another plan OR having no answer when their Democratic opponent asks them what they plan on "replacing" health care reform with.

Again, this is the lowest hanging fruit ever. I can only hope Democrats don't find a way to fuck it up.

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